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From No Worth To Self-Worth

Feb 22, 2024

Are you successful in your career?

Have you thought about the image that you portray on online?

Did you know that the first step in the hiring process of most companies is to look up your social media to see see what you say and how you act, and if it's in alignment with the company?

In this episode, Taj Shotwell talks about company hiring processes and how social media can make or break your chances with a decision maker. Taj gives best practices that she coaches people on and has the years of experience and accolades to back it up! If you want to get hired, this episode is for you.

Dr. Taj Shotwell, aka Theresa Ann James, is an educator, author, poet, and songwriter, raised in Memphis, Tennessee, by a career Army Sargent and a singer/homemaker. She obtained former education in San Francisco where she taught business at colleges and universities while working as an accountant. Later, Taj joined the faculty at FAMU in the business school and later in education. She taught accounting, professional development, and educational leadership courses and chaired a
department before retirement. Taj has written and published five non-fiction book and one fiction
book, including a 3-part coming of age in Memphis based on her life called, Middle Child.

Taj is the Founder/President of the day and boarding school, The Business of Arts
Academy International for 7-12th graders. The keystone for the school is the book she
wrote, Professional Development for Pre-professionals. She wrote a dramatic faith-
based book, Maggie: Never Bitter, which she adapted as a musical and won awards in
2016 and 2017. The album of 16-songs is sold on iTunes. Her book, Family and Faith, is
an inspirational memoir of fifty short stories/poems about several generations of family
and friends in Memphis and her international travels. On her birthday in 2019, Taj
humbly received a “Memphis Living Legends Award. “ 

Connect with Taj Shotwell on social media or her website at