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May 5, 2022

In the first episode of Later Dater, Lucy is getting stuck right in and learning all about swinging. For many people, the term ’swinging’ conjures images of car keys in a bowl at a dinner party and partner swapping - but is that actually the case? (Has it ever been?) 


To find out, Lucy’s talking to Non-Monogamy Coach Rosie Kay AKA This Kinda Girl. 


After navigating the swinging lifestyle herself for the last ten years, Rosie works with people to explore ways they can open up their relationships, as well as to banish the stigma and myths associated with the lifestyle. 


Lucy and Rosie discuss the ways that swinging and ethical non-monogamy can lead to more satisfying and fulfilled relationships, her own journey into the lifestyle, and the judgements she’s faced as an ENM person. 


You can find more on Rosie on her website, on Instagram, and there are loads of great discussions and resources on Rosie’s YouTube


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Presented by Lucy Cavendish

Executive Producer Ben Freeman

Produced by Ami Bennett and Faye Lawrence 

Edited by Troy Holmes