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Cocktails and Gossip

May 27, 2023

The conversation between Lindsay and Danielle…it was brutal, no other word for it. Our thoughts on Mya hiding her breakup… The RHONJ wedding special episode was very highly watched - but a little boring. B educates Amanda on the customs of NY and NJ weddings - Amanda has offered herself as a guest to experience a Venetian Hour. What we’re hearing about the RHONJ next season cast...there’s talk of demotions and of people being put on pause. The VPR reunion was great tv. We have started a list of James’ greatest hits. He had us cry laughing this week. Is Tom Schwartz almost as bad as Tom Sandoval? And what’s the big reveal in the reunion? We’ve got some tea for you. Last but not least, the WILD bank statement from Kroy’s divorce motion against Kim. 

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