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Cocktails and Gossip

Jul 8, 2023

We're thrilled to have Ally from @Bravo_After_Thoughts on the pod this week! And what a week it's been. Literally right after we recorded last week, the whispers get louder and louder about Kyle and Mauricio until we get the People confirmation that they are separating, quickly followed by a "we aren't divorcing and ask for your privacy" statement on Instagram. So what's going on? Does our theory about why Bravo would make that announcement add up? We go through the Easter eggs and the tea we have been sent over the months, including some new tea that feeds into a theory we have about what comes next for Kyle. And we've got some exclusive Summer House tea, including who is on the full-time cast, and will there be some new men on the show? Thank you guys for listening to Cocktails and Gossip - we are so humbled and honored to be listed as Screenrant's #1 Reality TV Gossip podcast.