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The Practical Liberty Podcast

Dec 5, 2023

Today I'm joined by software engineer, crypto expert, and my very own business partner Nick Watts.


Nick is a rookie when it comes to the world of marketing and sales.


So for today's podcast I decided to let Nick pick my brain about everything I've learned in my 15+ years atop the copywriting world.


Not least of...

Dec 1, 2023

Today I'm joined by Bitcoin pro, Michelle Weekley.

Michelle has seen into the deepest darkest corners of the "hidden elite" that most people don't even know exist.

Witnessed first hand the way these people make decisions.

Spent years finetuning her experience and working firsthand with Bitcoin.

And somehow through it...

Nov 10, 2023

Today I talk to Libertarian presidential candidate Michael Rectenwald.


Rectenwald was a former Marxist professor at NYU before he was fired for criticizing the "social justice" madness that was happening on campus.


After being let go, Rectenwald left Marxism and became a part of the libertarian party.


His campaign...

Nov 3, 2023

Today I meet with the founder of Live Free Academy John Bush.


John is passionate about teaching people how to create their own freedom and escape the "Great Reset".


We talk about Bitcoin and the future of crypto, the difficulties of homesteading, and the first steps in the path towards freedom (no matter how small...

Oct 27, 2023

Today I meet with Libertarian presidential candidate Joshua Smith.

Joshua comes from a hard working blue collar background and spent years in the military serving in Iraq.

His message is clear:

End the wars.

End the fed.

But the path to the 2024 Libertarian presidential ticket is anything but certain.

And it does not go...