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Oct 4, 2022

This episode is for you if you are trying to burn fat and choose the right “diet.” In this episode, Jenn Trepeck dives into the idea of whether we are burning fat or storing fat as a function of our blood sugar. We talk through how to get started burning for fuel and how willpower is like a refillable cup. Start every day with a positive mindset and fill your cup! 


We will dive into:

  • The importance of blood sugar when burning fat
  • The problem with keto diets
  • How to jumpstart your day with a breakfast of protein and quality fat
  • The benefits of a breakfast salad
  • Why you need nutrients every day
  • Tips on how to improve your metabolism
  • The importance of muscle for burning fat
  • How to stay on track with a healthy diet 
  • How to action into motivation and refill your will power cup


Jenn Trepeck has been described as a "force of nature" in the wellness space and has been recognized as one of Podcast Magazine’s 40 under 40. She is an Optimal Health Coach, Podcaster, and Business Consultant. After graduating from the University of Michigan Ross School of Business, Jenn founded Better Life Now LLC while working full-time in hedge funds. After over a decade of coaching clients, Jenn started Salad with a Side of Fries Podcast to help pay it forward and reach a larger audience to teach the nutrition education we are all supposed to know, but no one ever taught us. 


Jenn implements revenue-generating wellness programs in doctors' offices, salons, and spas to further expand the impact and help change the state of healthcare as a Certified Transitions Lifestyle Coach and Consultant with nutraMetrix Custom Health Solutions. When not hunkered down at home during a pandemic, Jenn is typically working out at Physique57, discovering hidden gem restaurants in NYC, or traveling to spend time with friends and family.



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