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Nov 1, 2022

This episode is for you if you are ready for a mindset and lifestyle change. Emily Hayden, founder of Evolve X explains what it really means to evolve and how evolving is a way of life. 


In this episode, Emily and I dive into the importance of gratitude and how to shift your mindset throughout your health journey. She reminds us not to compare our journey to anyone else’s journey. Emily and I talk through daily habits and practices and how to set ourselves up for success. 


We will dive into:

  • Why you should not compare yourself to others, you see on social media and focus on a healthy way to achieve your own health and body goals
  • How to unwork your mindset 
  • What is a victor mentality vs. victim mentality?
  • Staying healthy while counting your macros
  • What it means to evolve
  • Finding a routine that works for you and your body
  • Keys to staying on track with your goals
  • The importance of breathwork and meditation
  • How to adopt a growth mentality


Emily Hayden is the founder of Evolve X (a 90 day personal development program combining life mentorship + fitness / nutrition), podcast host of the Evolve with Emily Show, IFBB Bikini Pro, Fitness & lifestyle youtuber, lover of truth, and follower of God.



Instagram: @EmilyHayden, @evolvewithemilypodcast



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