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May 2, 2023

Trace minerals are essential nutrients that the body needs in small amounts to function properly. Some examples of trace minerals include iron, zinc, copper, and iodine. These minerals play important roles in many physiological processes, including immune function, bone health, and the metabolism of nutrients. In this episode, I talk with Dr. Jennifer Harrington about the importance of trace minerals, the most common deficiencies, and how to get more into your diet.

We dive into:

  • What a trace mineral is and how it benefits you

  • Common mineral deficiencies and reasons for the deficiencies

  • How to prevent the deficiencies and rebuild your levels

  • Important minerals for hormone balance

Dr. Jennifer Harrington is a naturopath who specializes in naturally supporting women transitioning into menopause. She is the Clinical Director of Menopause Natural Solutions and author of From Invisible to Invincible, the natural menopause revolution.

Free minerals for menopause guide book

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