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May 31, 2022

This episode is for you if you are starting your healthy journey, need a boost to keep going or a mindset change! Micah Folsom dives into how to eat to feel your best, mentally and physically. We also talk through the benefits of exercising every day and how to fit in a 20-minute workout. 


In this episode we dive into:


  • Clearing your mindset on food
  • How to eat to feel your best 
  • Making choices for YOU
  • Exercising from home
  • Finding healthy snacks on-the-go
  • Figuring out your grocery game plan
  • Embracing the lifelong journey of health
  • Switching your mindset from failing, to learning


Micah Folsom is a mom of 5 and wife to a large animal Veterinarian living in Rexburg, Idaho.


For the past 9 years, she has been blessed with the opportunity to help thousands of women elevate their health, mindset and joy while creating wealth building a business alongside their journey.


She’s a top leader in Beachbody and host of a Top 50 podcast called ‘Do Your Crap’ that helps women and entrepreneurs create simple habits and break through the mindset blocks that are keeping them from feeling their best and living the lives they desire…. especially in the trenches of Motherhood! She’s a huge believer that women can rock AND live and shouldn’t feel guilty for having passions outside of mom life.




Instagram: @micahfolsomfit

Podcast: Do Your Crap Podcast


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For more info on the host, visit and follow Meg on Instagram @drmegmill. I would love for you to screenshot the episode and tag me so we can connect!

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