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Mar 21, 2023

Today we will discuss "leaky brain" with Shae Leonard. This is a term used to describe the malfunctioning of the blood-brain barrier, a protective barrier that separates the brain from circulating blood.

The blood-brain barrier helps to regulate the flow of nutrients, hormones, and other substances in and out of the brain, while also preventing harmful substances from entering. 

When the blood-brain barrier is compromised, it becomes "leaky" allowing harmful substances to enter the brain, which can lead to a variety of conditions. 

We dive into:

  • The science behind a leaky brain

  • What symptoms you can experience with leaky brain

  • Genetic variants that can make you more likely to experience symptoms of leaky brain

  • If you are experiencing symptoms things you can do right not to turn things around

  • Why medication is not necessarily the answer


Shae Leonard is a physician assistant who made the jump from psychiatry to functional medicine.  She is a certified functional medicine practitioner who focuses on mood issues, gut and hormone health.

Instagram: @shaeleonard


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