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Aug 1, 2021

What to do with all the energy and ideas pushing you to jump from one thing to another thing? Well! Take advantage of it!! This energy type “MG’s or Manifesting Generators” is here to make things so different and thrive at it.

If you are an MG, don't miss this episode! But also have a listen to this episode because you for sure are around an MG! (Generators combine are 70% of the population), and the more you understand us, the easier will be for you to continue in your journey to be financially healthy and debt-free!

This season of this podcast is all about diving deeper into knowing that personal part of you that you can leverage to transform your finances with Human Design.

Together, Taylor Eaton (Human Design Expert) and I have created these episodes combining Human Desing and Money to bring to you the Human design + Debt-free journey series.

You can check sites like or to pull out your chart for free and get ready for these episodes.

Have Human design questions? Reach to Taylor at IG @tayloreatoncoaching  or her website

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