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Feb 2, 2022

Hello Wealthy you! This month, we celebrate LOVE in a happy and wealthy way with a very special topic: Underspending.

But wait! What does that has to do with Love? 

More than you think! I give you all the details about it in the episode.

Have you ever felt stuck for years feeling unworthy and secretly fearing that money is never going to be enough for you? Are you always waiting for the moment that money is going to leave your side again? Have you been protecting and holding on tight to your money as much as you can to ensure it never leaves you... If this is you, you need to listen to this!

This time, I shared with you the story of a dear friend (and currently client) who was unconsciously underspending but had never noticed the triggers that were igniting that behavior. 

Here's what you will learn by listening to this episode:

  • What does Underspending and Overspending have in common
  • What are some of the money stories hiding behind these spending behaviors
  • What triggers your emotions about your relationship with money
  • What is the first step to create financial safety
  • Two questions to start uncovering and healing your money story and set some financial boundaries around it

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