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Nov 13, 2023

If you're feeling trapped in a cycle of debt and financial instability, constantly searching for quick fixes and getting nowhere, then you are not alone! It happens to way more Female Entrepreneurs than you think.

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Despite your efforts to budget and save, you may find that unexpected expenses keep cropping up, leaving you feeling powerless and overwhelmed. But that is why conversations like this, can change your financial life. 

Barbara Ginty the host of the Future Rich podcast and today she joins Alejandra Rojas on The Money Mindset Show to discuss personal finance, the growth of the financial coaching space, and the importance of mindset when it comes to money.

Barbara's podcast aims to help people who may not qualify for traditional financial advice by providing a judgment-free space for women to learn about personal finance and share their stories.

One key takeaway from Barbara's experience is that everyone's relationship with money is different and often influenced by their upbringing. She shares a story about a woman whose negative mindset, rooted in childhood beliefs, affected her financial decisions and behaviors.

Barbara emphasizes the importance of recognizing and challenging these limiting beliefs to create a more positive relationship with money. She also discusses the benefits of working with a financial coach for basic needs and seeking a certified financial planner for more complex situations.

The podcast episode delves into personal finance, the growth of the financial coaching industry, and the significance of mindset when it comes to money. Barbara's motivation to start her podcast stems from wanting to help individuals who may not meet the requirements to work with a financial advisor. She creates a safe space for women to explore personal finance and exchange their own experiences.

In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Discover the transformative power of promoting positive mindset within your personal finance journey.

  • Realize the immense potential unlocked when working closely with a financial coach.

  • Identify and confront the hidden limiting beliefs you might hold about wealth and revenue.

  • Learn how to tailor financial advice to your unique circumstances for optimal results.

  • Understand the burgeoning trend of financial coaching and the increasing necessity for professional guidance in this domain.