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Apr 3, 2024

Are you tired of trying every possible superstitious ritual to attract money into your life?

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You've probably been told that the day you register your business or perform a specific ritual with numbers will magically make you successful. But let's face it, the pain of not getting results from these ineffective actions can be frustrating. If this sounds familiar, then let's explore a more authentic approach to financial success that aligns with your spiritual balance.

My special guest is Andrew Gabelic

Andrew Gabelic, the founder of Teledipity, has cultivated a comprehensive understanding of numerology and its practical applications. Influenced by his grandmother's unconventional yet spiritually rich beliefs, Andrew's journey into numerology is rooted in a deep appreciation for its impact on daily life. His expertise in integrating spiritual guidance with financial success aligns seamlessly with the podcast's theme of achieving prosperity while embracing a spiritual mindset. With a focus on numerology and its implications for monetary matters, Andrew's insights are poised to offer valuable perspectives for entrepreneurs and individuals seeking to harmonize their financial aspirations with spiritual principles.

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I think that deciding whether you should be working on something is an ongoing thing and never stops. Even when it's successful and you see it grow into what you wanted it to be, then you have to decide. Is this it, or do I now want to go somewhere else? - Andrew Gabelic

In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Uncover the hidden insights and benefits of using numerology in your daily life.

  • Learn how to maximize your personal year energy with the power of numerology.

  • Transition your business from website to app for exponential growth and reach.

  • Embrace the role of spirituality in entrepreneurship for holistic success.

  • Discover effective strategies for monetizing your passion projects and hobbies.

Unleash the power of maximizing
Andrew highlights the power of maximizing one's potential by incorporating numerology into their life. By understanding the cyclical patterns and themes revealed through numerology, individuals can make informed decisions that align with their life's purpose and goals. This enables them to harness their full potential and achieve greater success.

The resources mentioned in this episode are:

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  • Sign up for Teledipity to receive a free numerology profile, including a comprehensive summary of your personal numerology insights and forecasts.

  • Explore the numerology resources and insights available on the Teledipity app to gain a deeper understanding of your life's journey and potential opportunities.

  • Connect with Teledipity to submit numerology-related questions and receive personalized responses from the team.

  • Stay tuned for the upcoming Spanish and Portuguese versions of the Teledipity app to access numerology insights in multiple languages.