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The Widest Net podcast shares the many ways entrepreneurs and small business owners can build a thriving business through partnership development, relationship marketing and community building. Show host and award-winning author Pamela Slim will bring diverse experts to the table to both talk about the fundamentals of inclusive business building as well as remove the roadblocks that prevent people from building feasible and sustainable marketing practices. Unlock untapped markets and discover new customers right in front of you on every episode.

May 3, 2022

“To build strong sustainable companies, we as business owners need foundational practices to ensure that we are always seeding new opportunities and presenting offers to the market that people want.” - Pamela Slim 


Today’s episode marks the launch of Pamela Slim’s newest podcast - The Widest Net. Pamela Slim is an award winning author, business coach and the co-founder of Main Street Learning Lab in Mesa, Arizona with her husband, Darryl where they host scores of diverse community leaders and small businesses.


In her newest book and namesake of the podcast, The Widest Net, Pam discusses how to build strong diverse relationships, identify and connect with new partners, expand markets, generate leads, and find new customers in places you may never have considered. This podcast will serve as a guide to implementing this method in your own business or organization and contain conversations with experts and practitioners who will deepen and illuminate lessons that help you take action.

Pam believes you have the power to shape the world through your work. We hope you join us for each new episode as we build thriving ecosystems together.


Here’s what you can expect from this episode: 

  • Understand the why and mission behind Pam launching The Widest Net podcast
  • Preview exactly what Season 1 of the The Widest Net will look like
  • Identify the business foundations we will be building together throughout Season 1
We hope you unlock untapped markets and discover new customers right in front of you on each episode!.

Resources mentioned in this episode: 


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