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The Widest Net podcast shares the many ways entrepreneurs and small business owners can build a thriving business through partnership development, relationship marketing and community building. Show host and award-winning author Pamela Slim will bring diverse experts to the table to both talk about the fundamentals of inclusive business building as well as remove the roadblocks that prevent people from building feasible and sustainable marketing practices. Unlock untapped markets and discover new customers right in front of you on every episode.

Nov 2, 2022

“I want to empower individual contributors, employees, managers, and leaders to be able to not only have the tools to push their organizations in a more equitable and human direction, but know how to have the kind of change leadership that can really be transformative.” - Caleb Gardner


In this episode of The Widest Net, Caleb Gardner, Managing Partner of 18 Coffees joins me to talk about his vision for revolutionary change and leadership through his new book, No Point B: Rules for Leading Change in the New Hyper-Connected, Radically Conscious Economy.

Caleb’s career has spanned from consulting with Fortune 100 CEOs to running President Obama’s Twitter account! As a thought leader in digital innovation, Caleb has been a featured speaker at Social Innovation Summit, SXSW, INBOUND Marketing Summit, among others and I invite you to join us for this enlightening and revolutionary conversation!


Here’s what you can expect from this episode: 

  • How Caleb got the job of running President Obama’s Twitter account
  • What making real time decisions looks like in an ever changing news cycle
  • How change makers handle setbacks and the dismantling of their equitable work
  • The decision making process behind a socially conscious business

Remember we all need each other - life and work is better together.


Resources mentioned in this episode: 


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