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The Widest Net podcast shares the many ways entrepreneurs and small business owners can build a thriving business through partnership development, relationship marketing and community building. Show host and award-winning author Pamela Slim will bring diverse experts to the table to both talk about the fundamentals of inclusive business building as well as remove the roadblocks that prevent people from building feasible and sustainable marketing practices. Unlock untapped markets and discover new customers right in front of you on every episode.

Aug 31, 2022

“There's a reason the first part of the phrase personal finances is personal, because it really is personal and individualized and unique to every individual.” - Lynnette Khalfani-Cox


In this episode of The Widest Net Podcast we are excited to have as our guest The Money Coach, Lynnette Khalfani-Cox. Lynnette is a...

Aug 17, 2022

“People are not always ready for ideas that come from people of color or that come from Native American communities. Because there are such different value systems; there are sometimes opposite value the long run, we can't create any kind of change for the better if we don't have those hard...

Aug 3, 2022

“Our most precious gems are our people, our most precious asset in our companies is our people's time, and how we use it. So I think being good stewards of that, and also playing some role in solving that gets me to wake up excited every day.” - Emad Georgy

In this episode of The Widest Net, Pamela sits down with