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BeQuiz I Said So - Trivia for Kids!

Dec 18, 2022

We're back with three new categories for you. In this episode we have questions about geography, guess the theme, and US government. There's also a tricky bonus round about female world leaders. Happy listening!


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Nov 18, 2022

For this episode, we have questions in the categories of tools, transportation, and Greek Mythology

A fair warning. I received a listener email asking for a very tough round on Greek Mythology. They really wanted to challenge themselves, so round 3 is very tough (even for me)!

Oct 30, 2022

It's the day before Halloween, so hopefully you enjoy this spooky themed episode in the categories of candy, classic monsters, and Halloween movies. Stay tuned after round 3 for a bonus round on scary books!

Oct 22, 2022

.After taking a couple of weeks off to record with some of my other podcast friends at PodQuiz and Triviality Podcast, I am back with questions in the categories of literature, math, and around the house. 

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Sep 30, 2022

The temperatures are starting to get lower so we are coming to you with questions all about fall, the animated Little Mermaid movie, and primates. The last round gets a little tricky!

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