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The Daniela Cambone Show

Oct 24, 2023

“If everyone on the Republican field were to consolidate behind a single player now, I think Trump would still win, even from prison,” says Peter Zeihan, geopolitical strategist. Peter deciphers the complexity of the latest Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the repercussions of this conflict for the surrounding Middle East region. “When the Saudis had an issue with the Palestinians back in the '70s, they created what we now know today as OPEC,” he says.

He remains skeptical about the degree to which the Saudi royal family is going to get involved in the matter because of a “generational split in Saudi Arabia” when it comes to its relationship with Palestine. “I would say that by the end of this calendar year, the Saudis will have, in essence, declared neutrality. And the talks between Jerusalem and Riyadh will pick up again,” he claims. He concludes by dismissing the possibility of a gold-backed BRICS currency because there is a lack of “constellation of economic forces that all of them subscribe to.”

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