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The Daniela Cambone Show

Feb 20, 2023

"I think we’re going to war. There is something nefarious going on that we will never know and it's a frightening time," says Robert Kiyosaki, bestselling author of Rich Dad Poor Dad. "Our pensions are empty... That is the biggest crisis facing America today," he tells Daniela Cambone. "Gold and silver are international money, and paper money is worthless," Kiyosaki continues. "Silver is the hottest investment right now, and it's the most suppressed and manipulated commodity out there," he says. "I see blockchain as an accounting system and Charlie Munger is a part of the Fed, treasury, and Wall Street," Kiyosaki states. He concludes, "something is going on that I can't figure out, we will look back upon this and think 'what were we doing?' These are epic times."