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The Daniela Cambone Show

May 15, 2023

“You’re going to see [de-dollarization] in the energy sector before you see in anywhere else,” says Ford Nicholson, co-founder and strategic advisor at MCF Energy. “Whether it’s Renminbi or bitcoin or some other version of trade, I see that beginning in the oil market,” Nicholson argues, explaining that what happened in the energy market spells issues for the dollar moving forward. Plus, he claims that the European energy crisis also implies opportunities in the next two years as countries such as Germany struggle with domestic supply of oil and gas. "Each continent is going to have its own battle with energy,” Nicholson claims. “Energy is where rubber hits the road to keep the economy going… Looking at the differentiation between each of these continents is going to be super critical and I think a lot of money can be made by following this,” he concludes.

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