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Help Existing

Dec 6, 2022

This week I'm joined by Evette Dionne, author of the excellent new memoir in essays, Weightless. Her new book is about many things: the prejudiced way fat Black women are treated in our culture, her personal experience facing serious chronic illness, fatness in pop culture, and much more. Our conversation was wide-ranging, starting with the story of how doctors' anti-fat bias nearly cost Evette her life, her own subsequent reexamining of work-life balance, and the micro and macro effects of fatphobia—both externalized and internalized.

Evette is such a smart, kind person. She speaks in a way that deeply impresses me not just because she's so insightful, but because she's kind and doesn't seem as motivated by the less important things in life--fame, ego, or praise. Listening to her, you feel plugged into what matters.

If you want more from Evette on this podcast, you can also check out our other interview in Season 1, Help Appreciating Black Music Without Appropriating It. And again, be sure to support her memoir by buying Weightless and/or her National Book Award-Nominated middle-grade book, Lifting As We Climb: Black Women's Battle At The Ballot Box.


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