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Flex Uncensored

Sep 6, 2023

Ryan Fogelman is a JD/MBA although he claims he could do the work he does with a high school degree. What started off as a way to solve a personal problem - needing office space for a business, turned into a passion project among a group of friends committed to supporting small businesses in small communities.

Cohatch is a way to work, meet and live. COhatch now operates in Columbus, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Indianapolis, Charlotte, Atlanta and will be opening in Tampa. No two locations are alike - they are in different types of buildings with different amenities - from rock climbing to theatres... and each is designed to support the community in a different way.

We talk to Ryan about:

  • Their business model
  • Customizing their offer for each market
  • Supporting non profit businesses while still making a profit
  • and more.

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