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Religion on the Line

May 10, 2022

Bob, Bill and Michael launch their first syndicated show of Religion on the Line

"Religion on the Line" offers an open conversation on faith, ethics, tradition, an occasional superstition and, often, the hot button issues of the day. In short, all topics we are told not to discuss in polite company are subjects for this unique program. Further, the hosts are unafraid of forthright discussion or disagreement, albeit they strive to do so in a respectful manner. Simply put we may have different positions, but we do not find it necessary and certainly not helpful to diminish or attack one another. That quality alone makes Religion on the Line stand out from the roaring crowd that passes for much of contemporary radio.


About the Hosts: 

Rabbi Michael Zedek currently serves as Rabbi-in-Residents at St. Paul School of Theology, a UMC seminary with campuses in greater Kansas City and Oklahoma City. He is Rabbi Emeritus of Temple B'nai Jehudah (Kansas City) and Emanuel Congregation (Chicago).


Reverend Robert Lee Hill is Minister Emeritus of Community Christian Church and a longtime civic activist for a wide range of causes. He serves as Community Consultant on Public Education for the Kauffman Foundation.


Deacon Bill Scholl is the Social Justice Consultant for the Archdiocese of Kansas City in Kansas. He is a strong voice for Roman Catholic teaching and a bridge builder to other communities of faith.


All three are passionate voices for their traditions and for the conviction that we can learn from one another because we don't have to see eye to eye in order to walk shoulder to shoulder.