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A Slice of Cannabis

Mar 20, 2024

Well here we are halfway through the journey and heading up to the Netherlands! Come along and hear about my adventures in Alkmaar with the CheeseHeads, differences in their grocery stores vs. ours, and how I can make some OK food 😅

I was able to visit the Cheese Museum where cheese makers from all over would bring their cheese to market (pictured in the episode artwork). I can now say I've been to a Dutch coffee house 😉 And I got to dine with my friend at a restaurant he used to work at and it was excellent! Every place I visited in Europe had it's charm but the Netherlands had such a picturesque beauty everywhere I went and I hope I'm able to paint that picture for you with this episode and the with the  pictures on our new website, 

So slice off a piece of smoked gouda and smoke up with us on A Slice! 🧀

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