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A Slice of Cannabis

Jul 26, 2022

Welcome back for another Slice of Cannabis. Today’s guest and I worked together pre-COVID and after a few long breaks in service ended up working together again so I’m excited to introduce to you now, my friend, Angelo Miller!

Angelo is not only a weed enthusiast but at one point he worked on a cannabis farm and knows the plant in that respect. Being a cook and having a vegetarian girlfriend (which pretty much makes him a vegetarian) gives him a love for vegetables as well. Parts of the conversation touch on the versatility of potatoes, how cannabis has helped a family member, and Angelo’s thoughts on who he believes D.B. Cooper really is!

We should also mention this episode is actually a retake so you will hear us making a couple points of reference to the initial recording. Let’s just say Rugged is constantly working on understanding technology 😅 So grind up your grifa and join us for A Slice of Cannabis!

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