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A Slice of Cannabis

Dec 6, 2022

Today our guest is one of my favorite podcast guests to listen to. We have the pleasure of speaking with Rhizo Rich, the head breeder of Growcast Seed Co. 'Tis the season for treats and sweets so I wanted to have Rich on to talk about his love of candy, to the point where he has a European candy connection 🤯 We go over some of Rich's newly discovered favorite candies and a cookie 🍪

Rich also talks about his family's history in the restaurant industry and in turn his experience working every job one can in a restaurant. This trip down memory lane brings up a specific dish his uncle used to make using banana liquour... Once again my mind was blown! Join us as we have a fun conversation with Rich, break out your cookie cutters & joint rollers and enjoy this Slice of Cannabis 🎄

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