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A Slice of Cannabis

Jul 18, 2023

This time on Slivers of Slice we are going to take a look at the fermented food world and focus on  kimchi. This food was mentioned during the Jordan River episode of Slice. Looking into the history with Angelo was quite the history lesson in food but also the region of Asia including Korea, China, and Japan. Much more here than just a way to preserve food over the winter.

And then the cannabis history in this part of the world is fascinating! From the ambiguous tales of North Korea's relationship with cannabis and hemp to the temples built to the Immortal Cannabis Goddess, Magu! Whaaaaat?!?! Her name translates to Hemp Maiden 😍 Come join us for some food and history as we learn about kimchi and the hemp maiden, Magu, on this episode of Slivers of Slice!

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