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A Slice of Cannabis

Nov 7, 2023

Welcome back to a NEW episode of A Slice of Cannabis! We apologize for our absence but we are literally bringing the heat with our latest subject: Salsa 🌶

Angelo is with me to talk about the raw beginnings of this favorite condiment. We discover the first renditions of salsa in the Mesoamericas and the surprising foods it was served upon 🦌 😳 There's the history of how salsa made its way to the States and eventually "New York City!" And then a hot sauce recipe you can easily make at home!

Then we make our way back to the ancient cultures and discover their brief history with cannabis but also their extensive history with other enthogens (plants or substances traditionally used for sacred rituals 🍄 🐸 

So twist up your spliff (with or without the hallucinogenic frog skin) and let's enjoy the hotness which is Slivers of Slice: Salsa 🌶

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