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Miami Minutes

A movies by minutes podcast

Dec 29, 2023

The ultimate showdown has arrived - Jeff vs Mark! The irresistible force meets the immovable object! It's the Ultimate Challenge! Icon vs Icon! And so forth...

Things get a little hardcore as the use of weapons is taken up a notch. Poor Jim can't hold his own on the conflict - time to tag John back into the fray.


Dec 23, 2023

Mark isn't playing around. It's time to CRUSH, KILL, DESTROY! You wanna get nuts? LET'S GET NUTS!

Jim enters the battle, to the best of his ability at least. He's trying guys, let's cut him some slack here. He even goes full Metal Gear Solid with the stealth tactics!

Has Jeff done anything yet? You just might be in for...

Dec 16, 2023

The Battle of Tom Creek continues to rage! Our Dynamic Duo are locked in Mortal Kombat... but they're making light work of these fools!

Jeff - how about helping your boys, huh? Get out of that k-hole, man.

BEARHUG TIME! Will he tap? Will he pass out? Can anything stop Markamania?

The next episode follows in one week,...

Dec 8, 2023

I'm a joker
I'm a smoker
I'm a midnight toker
I get my lovin' on the run
Ooh, whoo, ooh, whoo!

Not for long though - Mark is here to POP THOSE VEINS, BABY! Bursting onto the scene, our 'hero' takes it upon himself to utterly annihilate the enemy, no holds barred. Lives are on the line this week as The Dragon gets...

Dec 3, 2023

Hillbilly Dexy flips his lid ONE MORE TIME and we get his classic line yet again - can anybody really get enough of this? The guy is cinematic gold.

Meanwhile, Dragon Sound begin their sneak attack and take two fools out of the game. Two more on the way? You better believe it - MARK IS A MACHINE!

Can the boys rescue...