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Therapy Wise

Jul 6, 2022

There is something that many of us would benefit from doing more of. It’s the opposite of what society has historically valued and therefore we just don’t tend to do it enough. 


In today’s episode you’ll learn about:


  • Society’s focus on action and hustle and how this is imbalanced and damaging
  • Masculine vs feminine energy and the direction that society is moving in
  • The importance of balancing rest and activity
  • Dr. Ward’s struggle with rest and her history of working too hard
  • Dr. Ward’s shaman and her suggestion for increasing rest
  • Kids and sports and how to deal with the busyness
  • The delivery service that changed Dr. Ward’s life
  • The shift to be able to work from home and how this contributes to both balance and imbalance
  • How to vacation in a way that is truly restful
  • Suggestions for two-income households
  • How to use the Pareto Principle to simplify your life
  • Increasing your capacity to receive help
  • Being realistic about how much time things actually take
  • The importance of restful hobbies


For more information feel free to reach out to Dr. Jennie Ward @