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Therapy Wise

Aug 29, 2022

In this podcast episode, Dr. Ward describes some of the patterns that slow down the process of healing- in therapy and just in general. 

In this episode, you’ll learn the 6 patterns that Dr. Ward has identified and how to step out of them. Dr. Ward describes: 

  • How sometimes clients do not give their nervous system an opportunity to catch up to the shifts and changes happening in therapy
  • Psychology’s preferential focus on thoughts and behavior and less emphasis placed on body, emotions, spirit, and energy
  • The notion of an Axis Mundi and how we all need one
  • Attachment Theory in psychology and how this relates to an Axis Mundi
  • The importance of taking responsibility for change in one’s life and stepping out of the focus on others’ roles in the problems we’ve experienced
  • A big challenge that Dr. Ward faced and how she had to take responsibility for the problem
  • The benefit of energetic exchange when it comes to health and the importance of putting time and resources toward one’s health
  • How avoidance slows down healing, including ways that we avoid and how to step out of the pattern of avoiding

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