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Therapy Wise

Sep 20, 2023

In today’s episode, I discuss the benefits of celebrating wins, including: 

       How to make your successes seem less “anticlimactic”

       The energetics behind our societal tendency to not pause and celebrate

       How celebrating publicly can be an inspiration for others

       The benefits of making sure you celebrate the way you want to

       Why we struggle to celebrate, including the negative bias in our brains

       My husband’s athletic family and the post-game debrief as an example for negative bias

       Recognizing your authentic desires and celebrating them now

       How to calibrate to a new level of success

       What research shows about leaders who celebrate

       The shadow of jealousy and how it led me to hide my success

       Celebrating not only big wins, but also habits and transitions

       Spirit’s desire for us to celebrate


I hope you enjoy!


~ Dr. Jennie Ward


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