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Therapy Wise

Sep 25, 2023

On today’s episode, I interview my friend Rebekah Kiger, a Master Money Mindset Coach, on her ALIGN method for stepping into prosperity. This method helps you to uncover blocks, let go of what is not serving you, identify where you want to be, take inspired action and calibrate to your financial achievements.


I had a front-row seat to Rebekah developing this methodology and learned the methods from her early on. They’re extremely powerful and effective.


Rebekah describes how she used her methodology to go from a struggling teen mother to a wildly successful, wealthy woman. Rebekah outlines step by step how to handle the blocks that stop you from achieving the wealth you desire.


If you struggle with any aspect of your financial life, this is a must-listen! You’re going to love this episode.


~ Dr. Jennie Ward


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