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Therapy Wise

Jan 5, 2024

Today’s episode is all about how to actually achieve your goals, in honour of New Year’s Resolution season. In this episode, I recommend that you:

  1. Focus on the slow burn. We tend to set our goals when we’re so very motivated. But then life happens and it’s hard to maintain that level of motivation. Here’s what I recommend- set your goal to be something that you can maintain over the long-term.
  2. Execute when it’s easy for you. Work with your own energetic patterns to set yourself up for success.
  3. Focus on habits. Choose one habit to add into your daily routine and one habit to cut out.
  4. Remind yourself regularly of the big picture reasons you’re choosing the goal. Have ways of keeping these reasons top of mind.
  5. Shift your identity. Change how you view yourself to maintain the motivation toward your goals.


~ Dr. Jennie Ward


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~ Dr. Jennie Ward