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Therapy Wise

Jan 15, 2024

In today’s Therapy Wise episode, I interview my friend Kate David, owner, designer and creative force behind Hello Garden, a boutique landscape and container design company. Kate and I talk about:


How plants speak to her and how she matches her clients to the right plants energetically


How her landscape design integrates into the lives of her clients


Her kundalini awakening experience and how it unfolded and impacted her


How spirit speaks to Kate through dreamtime


Her advice to those who are going through a spiritual awakening


How her spiritual awakening has impacted her parenting style


Allowing our kids to be themselves and figure things out


How we teach our kids to make aligned choices


How Kate is prepping for her exhibit at a huge home and garden show and how her creative process works


Kate’s process for managing a creative block


What Kate is reading right now


Kate’s Youtube channel and how it can inspire you in your garden


Kate’s prediction of one of the biggest garden trends for 2024!


And so much more…



~ Dr. Jennie Ward


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