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Therapy Wise

Mar 7, 2024

Today’s episode is an interview with my mentor Victoria Pippo. Victoria is a Global Energy Healer and ascension guide for gifted awakening souls on the planet. In our discussion, we touch on topics that are the next level of the next level. Prepare yourself.


Victoria and I speak about:


How she helps those who know they are powerful souls step onto their true paths. She helps healers to develop their full capacity of spiritual gifts and assists them in building a thriving business doing so.


She describes her calling toward The Great Merge- a movement and mission for lightworkers to perform healing for the earth. We discuss how she met her guide, Te, who chose Victoria to steward this mission. We talk about this in depth…how Te channels through Victoria and Te’s teachings about the role of the elements, the constellations, the planets in healing the planet. We explore the selfless energy of this mission and the amount of trust that Victoria must engage for The Great Merge.


We explore how Victoria engages protection and how her vibration is not available for outside energy to come in.


We discuss the notion of greed and lack and how the planet is moving into an energy of more give and take and reciprocity.


We go into Victoria’s history as a performer, then a tarot reader and how she transitioned into doing the work she does now.


We also discuss Victoria’s relationship with her mentor and the unique way in which they work together. We explore how her mentor supports her in doing the work she’s meant to do in the world.


This was a powerful conversation!


~ Dr. Jennie Ward


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