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Therapy Wise

Mar 9, 2024

Today’s episode is an interview with Danielle Searancke, an indigenous spiritual medium, mentor, end-of-life-doula and Founder of Spirit School. I trained as a medium with Danielle and highly recommend her work.


Danielle and I speak about:


Her evolution as a medium and a teacher and mentor of other mediums in her business, Spirit School.


Her non-linear, non-urgent path to success.


The nature of mentorship in the spiritual arts and how Danielle offers mentorship that she wished was available as she was training earlier on in her career.


The benefit of practice in the art of mediumship.


Danielle’s strong work ethic and how she finds balance.


How Danielle has managed her success without changing who she is at the core.


The TV pilot that she filmed last year and how the process of this unfolded.


Danielle’s unique perspective around money and her concept of flourishism.


Her identity as an indigenous woman and how her culture was impacted by residential schools and the 60s scoop in Canada.


Her Spirit School location in Squamish and the upcoming retreats being offered there.


This episode is not to be missed!


~ Dr. Jennie Ward


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