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Therapy Wise

Apr 4, 2024

Today’s episode is a follow up to Episode 11. The Work That I Do. Since recording the initial episode, my work has evolved and deepened and this episode describes these changes.


In the episode I describe:


The importance of taking action in refining your highest level of work


How I viewed myself primarily as a healer and the evolution of my identity (including an identity crisis)


The importance of intuitive readings and activation of clients’ intuitive gifts in the Mastery Paradigm


Clients’ experience of timelines being sped up, being catalyzed and getting unstuck


The role of spiritual initiation in my work and how this is what I do at the core


My identity as a mentor for leaders- those who are ambitious, motivated and excited to learn


The fact that many non-traditional leaders do not see themselves as leaders


How I am a good fit for many spiritual men who desire a mentor


My desire to work with clients over the long-term


The work I do with psychologists and other therapists, including two mastermind groups


The curated groups that my intuition is prompting me to offer


The one-time sessions that I am offering to my email list- intuitive readings, intensives, Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique sessions


My pricing based on energetic exchange and the transformation you experience


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