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Therapy Wise

Apr 20, 2024

Today’s Therapy Wise guest is Paula Scatolini, a Clinical Social Worker with over three decades of experience in modern psychology, neuroscience and somatics. She is known for pioneering the use of modern acoustics to help shift the emotional, physical, mental, and energetic body towards health and resilience.


In this episode, we discuss:


Paula’s interesting career trajectory using both traditional and non-traditional methods of healing for eating disorders and trauma, including experiential methodologies, embodiment, conscious movement, touch therapies, Somatic Experiencing, sensorimotor psychotherapy and now, sound healing.


During COVID, she was unable to continue using touch therapy to heal developmental trauma and began using sound healing in her work. This became a key component of her work in healing early childhood attachment wounds and soothing the nervous system.


She began incorporating sound healing into her Somatic Experiencing work and then started to offer sound healing in group format online, as healing circles. She incorporates earth-based wisdom in her healing methodologies and found that this amplified the power of her work.


She works with therapists and mentors them to listen to their heart and experience their own embodied wisdom.


We explored the desire in therapists for retreat-based learning and the paradigm shifts happening there.


She described her perspective on the masculine and feminine archetypes in the world today and how the feminine is being re-awakened individually and collectively.


We explored the nature of wounded masculine and feminine and what healthy and healed dynamics would look like.


We discussed how sound healing and psychedelics both offer an opportunity to explore different states of consciousness.


She shared the different feelings in energy to the different places where she has lived.


We discussed how she handled the potential risks of offering treatments that are outside of the traditional methods as a regulated health professional.


Paula discussed the ways that she assists people through her services right now.




~ Dr. Jennie Ward


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