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Therapy Wise

May 31, 2024

Today’s episode is an interview with my friend Cathleen McCaffery, a Harvard grad student and owner of a global boutique college admissions and life path consulting firm. Cathleen is a deep, multifaceted person who is dedicating her life to elevating consciousness. 

In this profound episode, we explored:

How Cathleen has been stepping into embodying a deep level of magnetism lately.

Cathleen’s concept of “the dark trampoline” and how going deep into the shadows has helped her to ascend into the light.

The current state of The Great Awakening on the planet, where we are transcending the level of darkness that was necessary in the past.

The educational system as it stands today and how it blocks children’s unique essences. Cathleen is an expert in this topic and we explored her perspectives on an elevated academic system. 

She described how she cultivates her son’s essence through play and adventure.

We discussed the notion of “the genius zone” and Gay Hendrick’s concept of “easy world.” 

Cathleen described the beginning of her PhD program at Harvard and how she realized that this was not the path for her. 

We explored her perspective on manifestation and how her life has unfolded in the past 5 years from a lens of manifestation.

I described how I manifested my perfect office space and also manifested the perfection of no longer needing it.

We described our experiences of the dark side of our mentors and what we have learned from that. 

Cathleen described how you can work with her, if you feel called. 

It was one of my favorite interviews and you won’t want to miss it! 

Dr. Jennie Ward


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