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Mar 31, 2021

I've been keeping tabs on the travel world as I get closer to being back on the road. This week I caught up with folks who traveled within the past 10 days. First, we catch up with Paul Singh, a friend and co-investor in a number of startup companies. He's been on the road a couple times a month, hopping on airplanes,...

Mar 24, 2021

When I decided to start Miles to Go, it was due in part to years of listening to Dots, Lines & Destinations. It's a podcast run by three friends who frequently come off the rails while digging deep into the world of travel.

It's definitely a different show than Miles to Go. But, I've been a guest on their show a number...

Mar 17, 2021

Many of you have hotel credit cards that award free night certificates, usually on an annual basis when you pay the annual fee. When's the right time to use them, especially when you consider hotel rates are all at crazy low levels?

Meanwhile, I've got Leslie Harvey from Trips With Tykes back on the show this week....

Mar 10, 2021

As we got a month or so into the pandemic, it became pretty clear that many of us wouldn't be able to get much value from travel credit cards.

When you consider how much some of annual fees can be on various cards, it's important to make sure you're getting enough value to keep those cards in your wallet/purse.

Who best...

Mar 3, 2021

Just about a month ago Hyatt announced that many of their resorts in Latin America would be providing free COVID-19 testing for guests traveling to America after their stay. With the US now requiring a negative COVID-19 test to enter the country, it was a good move by Hyatt.

Nick Serati, co-founder of Thrifty Traveler,...