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Jun 27, 2018

What possible problems could the miles and points community have? Richard Kerr from Award Travel 101 and The Points Guy is back this week to join Ed in discussing issues with online groupthink, unrealistic compensation expectations and how to avoid “Newbie-itis”. Gilbert Orr from God Save The Points shares some of the biggest mistakes people make when earning or burning their miles. Lastly, Summer Hull from Mommy Points joins Ed to discuss all the news about which resorts in Las Vegas are no longer charging for parking. Ed’s Final Two Pennies this week is all about FOMO.

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  • 0:19 - Intro...
  • 3:00 - The basics on what NOT to do when burning those points and miles
  • 6:50 - The dangers of tunnel vision when planning points transfers
  • 10:30 - Using points on last minute travel
  • 14:40 - The various issues with parking in Las Vegas
  • 21:50 - Earning is NOT the only part of the equation
  • 25:40 - What’s a Travel Grump?
  • 30:40 - What’s “groupthink” and why you need to avoid it
  • 37:30 - TF2P: FOMO

Show Notes & Links

Gilbert’s post: The Mistakes People Make with Credit Card Points

Summer’s post: Major Las Vegas Strip Property to Eliminate Parking Fees on July 1st

Richard’s post: 10 Problems with Points and Miles