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ALLI SPARGO Explores Human Behaviours at Work

A podcast with a definite purpose.  
Alli Spargo Explores Human Behaviours at Work seeks to empower and encourage you to bring every part of the real you to work. Do you find yourself hiding behind a mask of professionalism, unable to feel authentically yourself? Could you learn from your mistakes, your challenges, rather than hiding from them?   Imagine the difference bringing all your humanbeingness to work would make to your success and happiness.

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Be warrior leaders by Being Authentic at Work 



Nov 29, 2022



“…you had to come to the table knowing that while you had a lot of experience, you may have some suggestions but you had no solutions in your kickback. This was unprecedented work… you didn't know that you were doing the right thing. You didn't know whether you were doing the wrong thing. You just...

Nov 15, 2022

Always the definitive gentle-man.  Considerate, thought provoking, provocative, highly experienced, highly regarded, and self-aware, Bill generously shares honest and real stories of a career well-travelled in communication and PR.  



“One learns to control one’s behaviours, one learns quickly to...

Nov 1, 2022

The modest humility, genuine kindness, and quiet strength of this now retired police officer and Scottish gentleman, warmly greets the arrival of visitors to one of the top Asset Management Companies in the UK, and is always a highlight of my many visits to Edinburgh.   His great love for his family and particularly his...

Oct 17, 2022

Having taken a very non-traditional journey pushing himself continually out of his comfort zone, Nick Leitch made his way very successfully to Managing Director of corporate lending at Shawbrook Bank. (1000 people strong organisation offering highly personalised, practical, lending and savings products to individuals,...

Oct 3, 2022

Susan Brodie, Director of Talent and Development at the Global Investment Managers, Baillie Gifford shares the milestones and insights of her career journey. 

Susan shares her very personal story of dealing with the grief of the death of a close family member just before lockdown, at the same time journeying with the...