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ALLI SPARGO Explores Human Behaviours at Work

A podcast with a definite purpose.  
Alli Spargo Explores Human Behaviours at Work seeks to empower and encourage you to bring every part of the real you to work. Do you find yourself hiding behind a mask of professionalism, unable to feel authentically yourself? Could you learn from your mistakes, your challenges, rather than hiding from them?   Imagine the difference bringing all your humanbeingness to work would make to your success and happiness.

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Be warrior leaders by Being Authentic at Work 



Sep 19, 2022

This is a slightly different episode, but nonetheless important when thinking about exploring human behaviours at work.  “These days when we’re not only spending all our time in our ‘heads’ but are lost in our phones!”   In this episode my guest and Master Sophrologist, Annette Ebbinghaus explores this...

Sep 5, 2022

Leadership tips and the gifts of dyslexia are shared openly by Chris Bannister in this refreshing interview. Having worked across many financial market roles over the years, Chris talks about being the authentic you. The unique you. Whether it’s leading a team or delivering bad news, being the same person you are in...