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The Synergee Podcast

Feb 21, 2024

Have you ever wondered how the trillions of bacteria, fungal species, and viruses in your gut work in perfect harmony to keep you healthy? Meet Alicia Galvin, a registered dietitian and clinical science liaison with MicroBioM Labs, who takes us on a gripping journey into the intricate world of the gut microbiome. She unravels how these microscopic organisms are not only essential for digestion and nutrient absorption but also play a pivotal role in maintaining our overall health.

With Alicia's guidance, we understand the importance of gastric acid, pancreatic output, bile flow, and the ileocecal valve in maintaining a healthy microbiome. Discover the benefits of digestive enzymes and spore-based probiotics, the debate around using natural herbs or antibiotics to get rid of SIBO, and the importance of getting the timing of fiber consumption right. Join us for this enlightening journey into the world of the gut microbiome and how it impacts our overall health.