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Unf*cking Work

The Unf*cking Work podcast is for People Professionals, Business Owners, Leaders and anyone wanting to start their own mutiny and unf*ck the workplace.
Podcasts will go out every other Thursday, and we will be chatting to experts about a focused topic, what it means for the workplace, and their tips and advice.
This is a Work Pirates production with your hosts, James Eves and Michelle Minnikin. We are passionate about re-writing the rules of work.
Climb aboard and join the movement.

Mar 16, 2023

This month the Work Pirates are speaking to Cathryn Barnard about unf*cking recruitment at work. Cat is a partner and co-founder at Working the Future, a consultancy helping business leaders both make sense of the future of work and build easy-to-implement, people-centred, future-proofing strategies.


With a previous career in workforce planning spanning three decades and experience of growing her own successful businesses, Cat recognises the criticality of human connection and relationship in accelerating team engagement and performance. 


In this episode we dive into:


  • Why it's essential to prioritise investing in your team and recruitment processes so that people feel secure, taken care of and are allowed to thrive in the workplace. 


  • How Cat sees the world of work post-2008 crash and what can be done to make sure work is about passion, not just transactions.


  • Feeling down about the world of work? Learn how Cat harnessed her LinkedIn community to create meaningful connections about collective action, climate change and making work less f*cked! 


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