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Unf*cking Work

The Unf*cking Work podcast is for People Professionals, Business Owners, Leaders and anyone wanting to start their own mutiny and unf*ck the workplace.
Podcasts will go out every other Thursday, and we will be chatting to experts about a focused topic, what it means for the workplace, and their tips and advice.
This is a Work Pirates production with your hosts, James Eves and Michelle Minnikin. We are passionate about re-writing the rules of work.
Climb aboard and join the movement.

May 31, 2023

#17 - Vanessa Raath - Unf*cking Work

This month James and Michelle speak to Vanessa Raath about unf*cking work.

Vanessa is globally renowned for her contributions to the international Sourcing Community. She has delivered Keynotes across three continents and has trained teams based from Auckland to Seattle. 


May 3, 2023

#16 - Matt Ballantine - Unf*cking Work

This month James and Michelle speak to Matt Ballantine about unf*cking work.

Matt is a sociologist and technologist who has worked managing and leading technology teams in organisations across the public and private sectors for the last 30 years, including the BBC, Microsoft and...