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Unf*cking Work

The Unf*cking Work podcast is for People Professionals, Business Owners, Leaders and anyone wanting to start their own mutiny and unf*ck the workplace.
Podcasts will go out every other Thursday, and we will be chatting to experts about a focused topic, what it means for the workplace, and their tips and advice.
This is a Work Pirates production with your hosts, James Eves and Michelle Minnikin. We are passionate about re-writing the rules of work.
Climb aboard and join the movement.

Jul 7, 2022

Work Pirates are joined by maverick talent maven Elizabeth Lembke. Jump aboard this episode to uncover golden nuggets of Unf*cking Work wisdom, including:


- What is the Great Resignation, and why is it happening now?

- How do we recognise and protect talent?

- The importance of civil courage in unf*cking work for everyone!


Trust us, this one is worth watching on our YouTube, Elizabeth’s visual metaphors are not to be missed! Think maleficent horns and an oracle Furby. Yes, you read that right – this podcast features an oracle Furby. For the video version of this episode follow this link:


Elizabeth is a certified work, pedagogical, and culture psychologist, a systemic team and individual coach and is the Chief Talent Navigator at Transforming Talent, specialising in all thing’s talent and impact-at-work related.


A talent and learning maven with 20+ years of experience in global, strategic, and hands-on HR, she is an ardent proponent in making talent and organisational development exhilarating - not debilitating.


In fact, Elizabeth is known as the devil’s advocate for talent and has won multiple innovation, benchmark, and industry awards in Talent Development, Learning, Employee Engagement, and Human Resources.


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