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Jun 21, 2022

Welcome to the inaugural episode. YES!!! To launch the show, I’m joined by one of Fiverr’s all-time top earners, clocking in earnings of $2.7million since he’s been with the freelance services platform. Not bad for someone who as a young pastor wanted to grow his family and his ministry, but found himself $50,000 in debt, and reaching for whatever side hustles he could find to help him generate cash flow. I caught up with Joel Young just before he was leaving for a 1- month vacation (nice!), to talk about how he turned things around, and to uncover valuable lessons we can instantly apply.

It'll leave you inspired to take the next big step in your side hustle journey.

Be sure to catch the wrap-up at the end of the show, where I crystalize and recap 3 key takeaways from my conversation with Joel. Thanks for listening!


What you'll hear:

1:33 The growing debt and need for side hustles

4:03 The mindset of trading vs losing, giving up something

7:19 The birth of a life-changing side hustle

9:14 You don’t need to be perfect to start

12:00 We don’t always see our own strengths and talents

14:15 One way to discover your marketable skills

15:35 The growth of Joel’s side hustle

17:45 You don’t need to have the entire plan laid out before you act

18:12 Decision time: Scale back or expand up?

23:30 Joel’s freelancing and video marketing community

25:19 #1 tip for success - be willing to fail in front of people 

27:13 Stepping out can lead to surprising opportunities

 3 Key Takeaways

 28:30 1. An empowering way to view “failure”

29:25 2. Is it sacrifice or a positive choice?

30:45 3. You’ve got to start where you’re at


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